Thursday, 15 October 2009

Friday, 9 October 2009

I love owls.

Just a lil illustration I made of owls on a golf course.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Julia Weekend.

From 20/3 - 22/3 this year, our entire graphics group was whisked away to an unknown location for a weekend of intense graphic exercises. We got on a coach and drove for 6 hours and ended up in the middle of the countryside in Somerset, with the typographic group : JULIA.

We were expected to complete projects and conduct research without the internet and any forms of media, other than each others' minds. At the end of the weekend, JULIA published our work in a book called : Weekend.

This was our graphic response to illustrate the idea of a shop in New York, where everything was free. The only rule was that you only took what you 
really needed.
In collaboration with Sean Chilvers and Ben Hooper.

Kingston University and JULIA.

Long time no update. Rooted.

The Rooted exhibition was a success, with over 60 students displaying work. I entered a triptych of images of used sanitary towels, shot in an abstract and natural light. I wanted to challenge people's perceptions of menstruation and to get people discussing their own experiences, so it would become less of a taboo. This is the end result of all the experimental photography earlier in 
the year.

This is definitely a subject of interest for me, and I shall continue to experiment with this project. If anyone is willing to share any images or experiences, please contact me.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

This is how I feel.

Rooted Exhibition.

This is an exhibition that will be displaying some of my photography. The exhibition runs from the 16th-18th April at the Rag Factory Gallery on Brick Lane. Artists are invited to hang their work on the 16th in any way that they wish in order to display their work in the best way.

So come down and check it out!


This is the beginning of a photography project documenting the emotions and perceptions that the model has about himself. The model appears to  be an outwardly confident character who is extremely popular, but his self-perception is the complete opposite of what everyone else sees. I intend to photograph him in a social context to capture both sides. He has also started writing a diary of thoughts on the photographs I have taken, and how he feels about how I have portrayed him.

All the photographs I took were un-posed, the model didn't know when I was going to take the photos as I was waiting to capture his real thoughts on himself as we were discussing it.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Whatever you think, think the opposite - exhibition.

This was an exhibition I went to on March 28th at the Arden and Anstruther Gallery in Petworth.
The inspiration for the exhibition  came from the famous Paul Arden book and the exhibition is a tribute to his memory.

                                                            Joanna Bell.


The Last Taboo.

These are the development stages of a photography project I started at the beginning of the year.

I began looking at femininity and how women are perceived as glamourous and sexual beings. The reality of being a woman is very different to this perception, for example, menstruation. Using this topic I focussed on used sanitary products to reveal the natural beauty of being a woman and to break down the taboos surrounding women's periods. It is a topic that we should all embrace as it is a normal and natural cycle - yet it is still regarded as 'dirty' and 'impolite' to talk about.

Wiz Types

Kirsten Razzaq an myself became typography tutors for a couple of days in February. We were guiding the first year graphic design students at Kingston through their Wiz Types projects. The brief was to celebrate an aspect of their given typeface, with individual A3 sheets that must work together within their given groups. They also had to design a relevant packaging device for their groups work.

      Gill Sans Packaging.

                                                            Bodoni's Group Work.

It was alot of fun working with the first year students! We learnt so much about them and we helped them take their hand-rendered designs into a digital format. We were really pleased with the results and how hard they had worked.

A night at M&C Saatchi

In February 2009, a group of photographers, designers and artists were invited by Graham Fink to M&C Saatchi, to present out latest projects. 

              The beginning of my photography project.

It was a great opportunity to visit their studios and get feedback on our work so we can push them in unique and unexpected directions.